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Are you a licensed remodeler* in Pennsylvania and Delaware? What does this mean to me as a consumer?

Yes – we are licensed in both states. Pennsylvania law requires that all contractors who perform at least $5,000 worth of home improvements register with the Attorney General’s Office.

    • For consumers, this means:

    • A home improvement contractor must provide you with a contract free of charge.
    • You can rescind your home improvement contract without penalty within three business days of the signing date, except as provided under law for emergency situations.
    • A home improvement contract is not enforceable against a consumer if it does not include all of the information required by law.
      A contractor may not demand or receive any payment for a home improvement before the home improvement contract is signed.

Learn more about the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection


How do I determine if Restore ‘N More or another firm has adequate liability and workers’ compensation insurance?

Under the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act*, home improvement contractors are required to provide proof of insurance at the time they apply for registration. Be sure to obtain verification from your contractor that the company’s liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage is adequate and current BEFORE signing a contract.

At Restore ‘N More, liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage information is always submitted along with our contract.

Learn more about the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act.

What should I know about hiring a contractor for historic property restoration or renovation?

Contractors come in all shapes and sizes. You should determine whether they have the manpower and resources to complete the job to your satisfaction and on schedule. You should also get a feel for the company’s work processes and approaches – how they communicate, deal with challenges and ensure good outcomes.

Does Restore ‘N More work ONLY on historic structures?

No. We’ve performed many renovation projects on newer homes. We also build new homes and other structures.

Is Restore N’ More an EPA Lead-Safe Certified* renovation firm?

Yes. Restore N’ More completed the required EPA training and abides by lead-safe work practices.

The EPA rule regarding lead-safe practices requires that all contractors performing renovation, repair and painting projects that disturb lead-based paint in homes, child care facilities and schools built before 1978 must be certified and follow specific work practices to prevent lead contamination.

Before starting any project involving a pre-1978 home or building, Restore ‘N More (and all renovation contractors) is required to provide a lead hazard information pamphlet and requires a signed pre-renovation disclosure form from clients, tenants and/or occupants to certify our compliance with this requirement. In addition, we’ll explain how we will perform the job utilizing lead-safe work practices and provide you a copy of our EPA lead training certificate.

Learn more about the EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule.

* The information provided regarding the Pennsylvania Home Improvement Consumer Act and the EPA Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule is intended for general information purposes only. The information is not a complete explanation of the statute or rule, nor is it a legal opinion.

Does Restore ‘N More do “small” jobs?

Absolutely. From the images featured in our portfolio and newsletter, you might get the idea that we do nothing but big, fancy projects. But we do loads of smaller jobs, too. We repair/replace windows, repair/build small porches, repair/replace wood floors and much more. Are we right for your small job? Give us a call!

Does Restore ‘N More provide furniture restoration services?

We do not.

Does Restore ‘N More sell used or salvaged vintage building materials?

We do not.

What role does the client play in the restoration or renovation process?

Involvement of the homeowner or property owner is absolutely essential to the success of any project. From the onset of your project, we invite you to weekly project meetings where we will review our progress and make critical decisions. We’ve found these meetings to be very beneficial for all involved.