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Family gathering spots: Home renovations in Lancaster & Chester County


It’s the place where… you hang out with family and friends, or you curl up on a comfy chair or sofa with a favorite book, or the youngest members can invite their friends – real or imaginary – to join them for playtime. They are the spaces where we can kick back, relax, and simply enjoy. Every home needs such spaces, and it doesn’t matter how little space is available. Even the otherwise unused space beneath the stairs is a springboard for one little girl’s vibrant imagination.

Soothing bathroom retreats: Home renovations in Lancaster, Berks & Chester County


Master bathroom renovations are particularly interesting because they are so highly personalized, reflecting the owner’s inclination more so than any other room in the house. Sometimes, these bathroom renovations are particularly challenging,as in the case of this one near Lancaster.

Everyone thought this was going to be a simple addition project until the old siding was removed. That’s when we discovered that the only thing holding up the rear of the old log house was the siding: Termites had skeletonized those logs from sill plate to roofline! Our crews switched into emergency mode in order to save the structure, and the owners decided to switch the project into a whole-house renovation. Every room is a winner, but one of our favorites is the master bathroom.

Cooking in Style: Home renovations in Berks, Chester, Lebanon & Lancaster


The four kitchens featured here all share some common ingredients. The homeowners spent considerable time thinking about all they wanted in their new kitchens, prioritizing their wish lists, and seeing it all come together on paper first. And all reaped the rewards of working with a hard-working, effective, and efficient team: a creative kitchen designer, architects with a love of the historic as well as the modern, reputable and respected cabinet manufacturers, and a contractor that masters the art and science of construction management.