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Springhouse restoration, Franklin County

Restore ‘N More’s second ever project, and a first in a long, long line of historic restorations now spanning more than 25 years.

The owners had met us at a restoration show in York and quickly determined we were capable of performing the restoration of their prized springhouse. Although it was structurally sound, the entire building needed tender loving care – repairs and restoration – from the foundation to the roof. Additionally, the owners were quite conscientious about how the work and the materials used on it might affect the immediate environment, particularly the pure spring water that flowed from within the building. After all, the new stucco that was being applied to the interior walls would come into contact with the water. The craftsman applying the stucco assured her of its safety, explaining that the mixture was custom made of safe, natural materials because we, too, didn’t want anything harmful coming in contact with the spring water. He then promptly put some in his mouth and swallowed it to prove his claims!

We certainly don’t recommend that practice – ever! – but we’re happy to report that he never reported even so much as a little indigestion from that stunt. And we’re happy to report also that the spring water remained flowing pure as ever.