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Springhouse restoration, Dauphin County

The lowly springhouse is often overlooked for maintenance on many farms because, well, they have no real use anymore. In this age of wells, indoor plumbing, and refrigeration, many springhouses are abandoned and eventually fall to ruin. Thankfully, Lee & Nancy recognized the importance of preserving their own slice of rural life.

Although at first glance the completed preservation doesn’t appear much different than “before,” that’s the point of restoration and preservation: Stylistically, a preserved structure should remain true to its original design. It may appear fresher and brighter, as does this springhouse, but its original design elements should remain the same. The failing chimney was torn down and re-built along with new copper flashing; the badly deteriorated wood shingle roof was removed, all the original lath was repaired or replaced with like kind, and a new wood shake roof was installed; window and door frames were repaired; the original window sash were repaired and re-glazed; a new period-style door was constructed and installed along with vintage hardware; and the stone walls were re-pointed.