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Style & Accessibility home addition, Berks County

This new kitchen addition was designed to appear as a natural extension of the original c. 1817 stone house which reflects the transitional period between Georgian and Federal architecture. The construction of the addition also reflects an indigenous trend from that period: The façade is constructed of stone, but the sides and rear are framed and sheathed with wood siding.

Breaking with historic accuracy at the rear, French doors open onto a native-stone patio and Pa-German garden enclosed within an authentic split-rail and split-pale fence made in the time-honored tradition of human hands and hand tools.

The large country-style kitchen features granite counter tops, custom wrought-iron rat-tail hinges and drawer pulls, deep-drawer storage for bulky pots and pans, random-width vintage flooring, and separate pantry and foyer rooms (not seen in photo). The work spaces, cabinetry, hardware, appliances, and fixtures were selected or designed with the client’s arthritic condition in mind, thereby minimizing the impact on stiff, sore joints. The cabinets beneath the sink and the stove top each have provision for pulling up a stool so the owner can sit at either. All of which goes to show you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.
Design by Cox-Evans Architects