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"Be joyful always..."   Thessalonians 5:16

Conservatory restoration project, Northern DE

This conservatory's original flat glass ceiling was antiquated and definitely not energy-efficient. The excesses of winter's cold and summer's heat caused problems for plants and people alike. A new and dramatic solar roof with insulated glass panes and thermostatically-controlled ventilators, plus a new, unobtrusive HVAC system and energy-efficient French doors make the space a cheerful and peaceful retreat any day of the year.

Winter 2008-09 Newsletter

Conservatory restoration project

Wine cellar renovation project, Lancaster, PA

Using what amounted to the space of a large walk-in closet in this homeowner's basement, we transformed the space into a climate-controlled wine cellar, complete with insulation made specifically for refrigerated areas, redwood racks that curve at all four corners of the room, tile floor, and marble wine-tasting table.
Wine cellar renovation project, Lancaster, PA

Bake Oven restoration project, Lancaster, PA

The Heritage House (Elizabethtown, PA) bake-oven was replicated not only as part of the restoration of this historic house, but also to serve as part of their teaching / demonstration program. A large walk-in fireplace with plastered firewalls, vintage brick hearth, and vintage surround with doors was constructed on the rear interior wall of the house. In traditional fashion, the squirrel-tail oven was constructed outside that same wall. Heritage House has been successfully teaching/demonstrating hearth cooking and baking using this same fireplace and bake-oven for over 20 years.
Bake Oven restoration project, Lancaster, PA

Treasured relic renovation project, Lancaster, PA

Inspired by another client’s spring-room transformation, Mark & Beth decided to breathe new life into a sandstone water trough that was stashed away in their barn. As part of their whole-house renovation, a connecting wing was built from the house to the old summer kitchen structure, and that provided just the right space for their water trough. Now, the enchanting sound of water splashing happily in the trough is enough to put a smile on everyone....and entice any little girl to dip her fingers in, too.

Winter 2007-08 Newsletter

Treasured relic renovation project

Gazebos and other garden architecture restoration project, Dauphin County, PA

Wisteria vines had so twisted themselves around and through this Victorian gazebo causing a perpetually damp environment. Wood rot was everywhere. First, the offending wisteria vine had to go. Then, many hours of scraping, sanding, replacing deteriorated pieces with handcrafted reproduced parts, and expert re-painting returned this stunning example of Victorian garden architecture to its former glory.

Summer 2001 Newsletter

Gazebos and other garden architecture restoration project

Creative re-purposing renovation project, Lancaster, PA

"We have this old (fill in the blank). Think you can do something with it?" It's like music to our guys' ears; taking some old salvaged thing that the homeowner finds interesting, and then finding a way to creatively incorporate it into their home or landscaping. While laying up the new walls of a stone courtyard, stone mason Rob Horst incorporated an old grindstone - just one of many of homeowner Beth's memorabilia - into the courtyard wall directly opposite the front door. What a site to see every time anyone walks out the front door!

Fall 2007 Newsletter

Creative re-purposing renovation project
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